Our Story


Epicurean San Diego was born in 2015 over a cup of good coffee discussing a love of everything local, sustainable and delicious. After living in San Francisco for three years, we decided to move back to our roots and bring everything we loved about SF to San Diego. We set about figuring out how we could create awareness of all of the wonderful local artisans that San Diego has to offer while offering the ultimate foodie experience. It's no secret that San Diego has gained recognition for it's food and beverage scene, but do you know how much of that is grown, sourced and crafted locally? Let us show you all of the fruits of our friends labor that are grown right in our own backyard. We aren't just your average culinary or beer tour. We'll take you to local farms, coffee roasters, butcher shops, distilleries, urban wineries and more! You'll gain industry insight on what goes in to each local business and get your hands dirty in some demonstrations. You'll get to taste the products of each place we visit and learn about their influences in San Diego.

Stephanie is a San Diego State University Grad, a Certified Dog Obedience Training Instructor, a local food and beverage expert, home cook and backyard farmer. In her free time you'll find her experimenting with various small batch fermentation projects such as beer, kombucha and pickled vegetables with her husband, Dan. The couple love to go hiking with their two dogs and host dinner parties for friends and family. Through her involvement as the Farm Liaison of Slow Food Urban San Diego, Stephanie cultivates relationships within our community by connecting people to their food. The two are professional foodies who love to experience all of the small batch artisans that San Diego has to offer. 


Come savor San Diego with us!