Spring Gin Cocktail

by Epicurean San Diego


2 oz Old Harbor Distilling's San Miguel Gin

2 Strawberries

Pinch Organic Sugar in the Raw

1 Lime or Lemon Wedge

Mint, Cilantro and Sage

Soda Water



Cut strawberries in half and muddle in mixing glass. Add pinch of sugar. Add herbs, keep them whole and lightly bruise with muddler to release aromatics. Add 2 oz of Old Harbor Distilling San Miguel Gin and stir. Fill cocktail glass to the top with ice. Pour contents from mixing glass into cocktail glass. Top with soda water and a squeeze of lime/lemon. Garnish with mint and a strawberry wedge. 


Check out this video of Stephanie and Farmer Stepheni from Dickinson Farm making the Spring Gin Cocktail and a Carrot Cheddar Cracker!